Tiffin’s Bachelor of Business Administration program is fit for both Romanian and foreign high school graduates. Admission is based on the candidate’s documents confirming their ability to follow this program and the payment of a registration fee.


What documents do I need?


Registration for admission into the program is done throughout the entire year based upon availability and requires the following documents:

  • Completed and signed International Student Application for Admissions form;

  • A copy of the high school graduation diploma, including a copy of the high school transcript;

  • A copy of your Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, iTEP, ACT or SAT score;

  • If requested by the Office of International Admissions, an applicant may also be required to submit an academic credential evaluation from an external service provider;

  • A copy of the passport or identity card.

Some documents are required at our office in Bucharest, Romania and others at Tiffin University in Ohio, USA.

The registration fee for admission into our BBA program is €50.

For any other details regarding the admission into Tiffin BBA program, please contact us.


How do I get accepted?


Step 1

You must submit the above listed documents for verification and partition at Tiffin University in Bucharest.

(A certified copy of the Baccalaureate Diploma, Diploma Supplement, Birth Certificate, Identity Card/ Document and pictures will be kept at our office in Bucharest.

The application form, a certified copy of the Diploma Supplement/ transcript, their certified translations to English and a copy of the English certificate will be sent to the Tiffin University, Ohio in USA.)


Step 2

You will receive a letter of admission, which officially announces your acceptance into the program, after the analysis of the documents stated above at Step 1.


Step 3

You will be asked to sign the Learning Agreement with the university and pay your tuition fee under the agreement, followed by your enrollment into the program at the Tiffin University in Bucharest at the beginning of October of each year.

The agreement must be signed within three weeks since the admission confirmation.


You will be enrolled at the Tiffin University in Bucharest after being admitted, according to the above mentioned criteria.

You are evaluated and admitted by order of submissions and registration fee payments.

If you decide to postpone attending classes, your place will be taken by the next person admitted into the program.

If 2 candidates compete for the same open spot, it will be given to the first person who pays their registration fee.

Candidates will have their place taken by the next person admitted into the program in chronological order if they fail to pay the equivalent value of the first module within one month from the signed agreement.

Any admitted candidate may postpone the beginning of their studies as long as they consider it necessary. Each student is required to complete the program within no more than 6 (six) years.


We are excited to see that our degree at Tiffin University is of interest for you. To begin your registration for our Tiffin BBA program, you must first complete the form below.


Undergraduate BBA Application

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May you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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