We offer you real value for your academic experience. Our purpose is the same as yours. We want you to reach your highest potential and gain success! As we understand that you may have questions about TU, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions amongst potential students. Below, you will find relevant answers that will help you clear things up.


1. I have just finished high school. May I apply for the Bachelor of Business Administration program?

Yes this program is addressed to high school graduates.

2. How can I apply?

The easiest way to apply is using our online form. You may also apply using an attached file or by printing the form and bringing it to our location, together with the other necessary documents.

The registration fee for admission into our BBA program is €50.


3. Which are the necessary documents for applying?

The necessary documents for the BBA application are:

  • Completed and signed International Student Application for Admissions form;

  • A copy of your high school graduation diploma, including a copy of the high school transcript;

  • A copy of your Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS, iTEP, ACT or SAT score;

  • If requested by the Office of International Admissions, an applicant may also be required to submit an academic credential evaluation from an external service provider;

  • A copy of your passport or identity card.


4. Are the courses taught only by American professors?

Yes, they are. American professors come directly from Tiffin University – Ohio and teach the courses. Professors will communicate with their students throughout the entire program.


5. Is it possible to stop and attend courses again later in the future?

Yes. You have to finish the BBA program in 6 years since you have started classes. During these 6 years you may take some sessions, stop for a period of time, and then continue with the rest of the sessions till the end of the BBA program.


6. If I stop when can I continue?

You have to continue within the next session from the BBA program that follows the last one you attended, according to the schedule.


7. When do I have to attend courses?

You have to attend courses from Monday to Friday, for 6 hours per day. You will also have a break after the first 3 hours. There will be 2 courses taught in each module, for a period of 3 weeks in a row.


8. What am I specialized in when I finish the BBA program?

The Bachelor of Business Administration program offered by Tiffin University in Romania is a general BBA program. You learn how to manage the whole business. All the areas of the business are covered. For a detailed description of the courses, please visit this page.

9. Do I have to pass an exam at the end of each course?

No, there is no final exam. The professors evaluate each student during the whole course period.


10. What can I do if I failed one of the courses?

You can register for the same course and take it again. You may choose to attend it entirely online or attend it the same way as the first time, with the seated component included. For registration you may send a request to the Dean of the Business School. After the approval and payed tuition fee, you will be allowed to take it again.


11. Do students have the possibility to give feedback concerning the teaching methods and communication between the professors and students?

Yes, they do. Each professor is evaluated by each student, through a dedicated form at the end of each course. The professor will come back to teach the same course for other groups only if he/ she gets a good evaluation from the students.


12. Which is the maximum number of students per year?

The maximum number of students accepted per year is 40.


13. Which are the payment forms? May I pay in installments?

There are several payment forms you may choose from:

  • payment of the entire amount once;

  • payment of half of the amount before the first session and half before the third session;

  • payment of a third of the amount before the first session, a third before the third session and another third before the fifth session;

  • payment of a fixed amount before each session, which means five (5) installments. This is used mostly.


14. What kind of textbooks do I need?

The textbooks are chosen by the professors that teach each course and are purchased by students. They are the latest editions of the best textbooks on the market, published by well-known publishing houses like Prentice Hall, Thomson South-Western or McGraw Hill. You can buy them from Tiffin University in Bucharest, Amazon or very few local suppliers. If you want to see how they look like, please visit us.

The cost of textbooks is between € 500 and € 700 per year.

15. How much does it cost?

Tiffin University Bachelor of Business Administration has a tuition fee of €9.000 annually.

Currently we offer a €16.000 scholarship to all students that register for admission in 2019. Read more about it here.