Tiffin EMBA - the best program in Romania

This year, for the third time Ziarul Financiar one of the most prestigious media institutions of the country and a careful observer of Management Education programs in the Romanian market, places the Executive MBA offered by Tiffin University to be first among the most powerful programs of its kind.

Tiffin University welcomes this approach and considers the position obtained an unequivocally recognition of the fact that the university has been able to offer in the academic year 2014 – 2016, one of the most complete programs of study. Moreover, the top position is confirmed by our students evaluations most of them assigning the program with attributes such as challenge, professional, development, etc.

The premise that goes into determining the curriculum and course structure envisions the question that each participant is asking himself/herself when registering: “How can an Executive MBA help me in practice?”. We find the answer together with every hour of study, gradually changing the vision of management activity and the environment in which they work.

Expertise from professionals with international recognition.

With the expertise of an outstanding teaching staff the Executive MBA program offered by Tiffin University has a solid anchor in reality, responding to the training needs of those from top and middle management segment on the Romanian market.

The presence of American teachers, the openness to study and universal practices from other countries make us different from other similar programs, providing not only theoretical concepts but essentially an orientation to everyday practices and concrete cases. The secret of our success lies in the ability to bring students closer to their teachers, to create a team spirit during the entire program while the contacts between them are on long-term.

Skill growth, a change, a different mentality in approaching problems.

Tiffin University EMBA aims and manages to bring skill growth, a new way of thinking and also a change, a different mentality in approaching problems.

However Tiffin EMBA is more than just an excellent program. It is a life experience in which teachers and students are sharing not only professional knowledge but also cases, solutions and concrete events that have marked their personal and professional evolution. Equally we can say that Executive MBA offered by Tiffin University tends to have a rigorous selection of students so that the learning environment can be one of the most competitive and most exclusive in this segment.

Tiffin University continues to preserve and promote the tradition of quality that is based on a history of over 120 years…

Tiffin University intends to retain the quality standard offered in management education programs and improve in the future, believing that in this way it can bring a consistent contribution in terms of increased quality in the management of private and public companies area in Romania.

Tiffin University continues to preserve and promote the tradition of quality that is based on a history of over 120 years of time that stands for a varied and developed portfolio of academic, university, graduate and extracurricular activities.

The Romanian market success is strengthened by the collaboration from 1999 with the University of Bucharest, becoming the Tiffin Executive MBA Program at the University of Bucharest in 2002 and being recognized as one of the best programs in Romania.

Anzar Kumanchizawards, BBAComment